6 3/8-15K Deepwater Riser System (DRS)

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    6 3/8-15K Deepwater Riser System (DRS)

    Besnofi Equipments developed a proprietary subsea Intervention Riser. The system comprises from the surface to the seabed:

    • A topside package to be located on a rig, including flow head system, service manifold package and HPU.
    • Riser system connected to the flow head and top of the emergency disconnect package.
    • A subsea intervention package that will be connected to the Christmas tree, comprising an Emergency Disconnection Package (EDP), a Lower Riser Package (LRP).


    • Unique design, utilizing metal-to-metal sealing gate valves in the intervention system.
    • Two levels of redundancy for safety.
    • Fitted with an emergency shutdown (ESD) control system.
    • All production bore valves are capable of cutting coil tubing.
    • MUX Control system improving response time in emergency functions.
    • Ability to disconnect EDP at high angle without potential damage. – The DRS can disconnect at +/-10°due to an enhanced frame design and the inclusion of a 2” retractable Annulus line stab assembly
    • Removable EDP Re-entry Mandrel
    • Increased coil cutting capability

    Emergency Disconnect Package(EDP)

    The Emergency Disconnect Package (EDP) forms part of the well intervention package, which will be, used during well intervention operations from a DP or anchored Rig. The EDP is designed to allow disconnection of the riser system from the LRP assembly in the event of weather dictated disconnect, routine operational requirements or vessel induced drive off/ drift off situations.

    Lower Riser Package(LRP)

    The Lower Riser Package (LRP) forms part of an Intervention Package. This equipment is designed to land out and lock onto a Subsea Production Tree and has surface-controlled gate valves to close in the well during intervention operations.

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